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Category: Fundamental questions 13 Nov 2022

Power and then?

Power and then

We have analyzed various aspects, and many ...

Category: Fundamental questions 29 Nov 2022

Some information


Anyone who registers and creates a personal ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Stay calm be patient

keep calmRegistration, and creation of personal profiles.

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who believes all this?

Who believes all this

We have to do a short article, in this ...

Category: Fundamental questions 21 Jan 2023

Who finances you?

Business GroupWhen will you tell us, who had the idea, to ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Who's in charge here?

Whos in charge here

One of the key things for everyone who visits ...

Category: Fundamental questions 01 Oct 2022

Why were we born?

Why were we born

In this article we will explain why we were ...

Category: Fundamental questions 02 Dec 2022

Work for others

Work for othersOne of our rules requires and obliges anyone who ...

Contact rules and links

First of all, we remind you that DirectDemocracyS, and all our projects, names, logos, brands, symbols, ideas, projects, rules, methods, working methods, each of our components, and each our business, are registered trademarks, and any use, even partial, or slightly modified, without our authorization, is strictly prohibited.

By carrying out any of the actions in the previous sentence, in addition to violating the Copyright Laws, you will be guilty of, or complicit in, illegal business activities, and unfair competition. Indeed DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, are owned by each of our official members, in equal measure. To realize this right of ownership, each of our official members automatically receives a single individual, non-saleable, non-transferable share of a commercial company, cooperative type, which manages, all the rights of use, of all our assets .

Respond firmly, intelligently, and by all legal means.

For anyone who intends to denigrate, offend, threaten us, or write false statements about us, we remind you that we will not hesitate to report any incorrect behaviour, towards us, and our users.

Methods to contact us.

Our visitors, and our registered users, can contact us, only and exclusively, through an official contact form, based on their needs, present on our official website, in the Main Menu, under the menu item, Contacts. Select the various categories, and the exact modules, according to your needs. We will always and only reply via email to the address you entered in the contact form.

For general information, regarding our political project, and our political organization, only use the contact form, of this link:

is a generic contact, and is good for receiving general information.

Our registered users must use the same method, but our responses are much faster and more detailed. Of course, you must contact us after logging into our website using your username and password.

We remind you that we will not answer questions whose answers have already been given, through our articles, published, in the Main Menu item, Law, on our official website.

In some cases, but not necessarily, we will just provide you with a link, with the article, where you can find the answer to your question. Therefore, we ask you to search for all the answers to all your questions by yourself, and to contact us, only for important matters, for emergencies, or for things not foreseen in our articles.

Obviously, our speed of response, and the details provided, depend on the type of user who contacts us. The answers to our visitors will be generic, and also in long topics.

We also have specific contacts, by type of user, whose answers are often in real time. Registered users, however, will have some direct contacts, with which they can interact, to receive help, advice, information, and useful instructions.

We don't do politics, through messages, so don't expect to get constant answers and too many explanations from our experts, nor to establish a dialogue with us, because we don't work this way. If you want to engage in politics, together with all of us, you can do it only by registering and requesting inclusion in our political working groups, based on your interests, but also on your studies, your job specializations, and any awards. always respecting all our rules.

To register, the only official and secure link is:

The big news, recently available, is the possibility of obtaining a personalized e-mail address, through a payment of the member's fee. The link with the explanation is:

and you can even receive, in addition to the email address, a registration, and creation of a personal profile, with relative immediate activation, connected to the personalized email address, or to your personal email address, the link to become a registered user , with the e-mail address, with all the explanations is:

For questions about our policy, you can use the contact form at this link:

to receive detailed information, and quickly, obviously you must contact us, after having logged in to our website, using your username and password.

For information on our political strategy, use the contact form at this link:

For policy proposals, use the contact form at this link:

One thing we consider fundamental is the fact that we don't insist on convincing someone to join us. Therefore, no one asks you to join us, too many times, or several times, possibly, if we consider you worthy people, or useful for us, we invite you only once, to inform yourself, and then if you like our project, to join to us. By offering you, at the beginning, some advantages and facilitations. Please avoid asking for details continuously, making us waste precious time, as if we had to convince you to register. We are not selling you pots or mattresses. If you like what we do, join us, otherwise, you can do it later, or never. You live very well without us, and we have lived, and will live very well without you.

If you don't join us, you can always be our supporter, with private, voluntary donations at this link:

to donate to our political organization, use this donation form, which you can find at this link:

to donate to the development of the technologies necessary for our operation, donate using the form that you find at this link:

you can also be our voter without registering, simply by voting for our election candidates.

If, on the other hand, you consider yourself important personalities, experts in various sectors, and believe that you are compatible with our projects, and with our rules, and you are sure that you are useful or indispensable to us, you can request, on the basis of our rules, advantages, and facilities. You will have to do this by following all the various phases, which begin by contacting the security group, proposing you, as an expert user, with all the tests and documentation that will be required of you, based on the answers and instructions that you will receive from us .

To request an invitation from us, you must only use the contact form, of this link:

Everyone has to do the identity verification, and the annual fee, everyone pays us, without exception. The advantages, and facilities, refer only to the speed of registration, and to get you roles in the foreground in the working groups, with tasks and responsibilities, suited to your qualifications.

Obviously, some of our official members will be able to obtain prizes in cash, goods, and services, if they do a good job with us, as well as climbing up to the podium roles in our hierarchies. Others may be hired, on a fixed-term basis, or on a permanent basis, if they carry out important and prestigious work activities with us.

You can also contact us, to criticize us, in a constructive way, write everything you don't like, or that doesn't convince you, about our political organization. For financial or economic projects, and for all our innovative projects, only people who are part of them, voluntarily, have the right to contact us, because they are activities reserved for our official members, who have nothing in common with politics. Our official website, reserved for politics, is in any case the "gateway", the first galaxy, to become part of our immense universe of all innovative projects.

To write, what you don't like, about our political project, and our political organization, and to criticize us, only use the contact form, of this link:

You can also use, if you want to compliment us, the testimonial forms, which we are about to make public, but in an innovative way, there will be positive testimonials, which obviously give us immense pleasure, but above all there will be negative testimonials, in which our users, or our visitors can tell us their bad experiences, and their negative opinions. We grow more, and better, thanks to criticism. Because often, by explaining our motivations, we recover users that we could have lost. Every user we block, every member expelled, or made persona non grata, is first of all our defeat, as well as being for the person, who suffers our just punishments.

To write what you like about our political project and our political organization, and therefore to compliment us, just use the contact form at this link:

Possibly, do not waste precious time, to compliment us, through the message forms, we are obviously pleased, but they make us waste a lot of time, and it would be impossible, and badly right to make articles, in which we publish the beautiful things, who write to us many of our users, or visitors. If you really want to help us, join us, and work together with us. Or if you really care, please use the testimonial forms.

To send your testimony, just use our simple form, which you can find at this link:

We are not crazy, your compliments repay us, with interest, for our enormous and very heavy work. But we prefer to focus on the few things you don't like.

If, on the other hand, you have proposals or projects to improve us, or ideas to do with us, please register, creating a personal profile, and join us. For the simple reason, that you will be able to present your proposals, directly, in our working groups, based on your proposals, receiving answers in less time, and certainly more detailed, than from simple visitors.

To write, your proposals, our political project, and our political organization, only use the contact form, of this link (preferably after registering, creating a personal profile, and after verifying your identity):

You can use the contact forms, also to report any errors, inaccuracies, incorrect translations, and anything that does not take place in the right way, according to our rules.

At this link you will find some links to the contact forms, to report any errors we may have made:

you can choose between historical errors, or our historical inaccuracies, at this link:

or our wrong information, at this link:

Always choose, among the various modules, the one that is suitable for your report:

the forms for reporting that concern us are: Reporting false news that concerns us, at this link:

Reports from other websites, which concern us, at this link:

report from social networks, at this link:

reports from the press and multimedia, at this link:

remember to provide as many details as possible, and to send us the "incriminating" links, in order to be able to verify your report.

Our registered users have only visible links to them, for contact forms, to report users or groups, who do not respect our rules. They are internal reports, and the forms and links are visible only to our users, after they have logged in, to our website.

You can also report anything that concerns us, even outside our projects, such as the unauthorized use of our rules, methodologies, brands, logos, names, but also lies, conspiracy theories, offenses, threats , and the falsehoods, which you find about us. You will receive a substantial percentage (up to 50%) of the material damages we will obtain, thanks to your report.

You can also ask us for further explanations, or proof, on everything we publish, if you believe it is not right, or not sufficiently documented.

To contact our experts directly, use the contact form at this link:

To receive all the instructions you need, use the contact form at this link:

To receive all the instructions you need, to verify your identity, use the contact form, at this link:

To receive all the instructions you need to activate your personal profile, use the contact form at this link:

To receive all the instructions you need to unlock your personal profile, use the contact form at this link:

To find out your personal number, use the contact form, at this link (visible only after login):

To propose changes to our rules, use the contact form, at this link (visible only after logging in):

All contact forms can be used in all languages, but for those wishing to contact our experts directly, in their own language, use the contact form at this link (various languages will be added):

Finally, you can denounce any of our users, or workgroups, who do not carry out any activity in compliance with our general rules. But be careful, many groups have specific, very detailed rules, therefore, we invite you to carefully study the internal regulations of each group, to always verify that your report is credible and real. Anyone who is with us, and often reports false things, or incorrectly, making us waste time, could be blocked, or in case of recidivism, expelled, and made persona non grata. Instead, whoever is on the outside cannot report things that happen inside, as he cannot know them. We advise you to carefully read our specific rules, on the various reports, and sanctions.

Always use our contact forms in the right way, and ask the assistance groups, and your more expert contacts, for all the necessary advice and instructions. Always go to the special groups, who are competent, with your needs, you will always receive all the help you need, 24/7. All year round.

Caution. Certain modules may undergo minimal changes, or be available only in certain periods, or in the future, will be available only to our registered users, in fact, in a short time, for our visitors, it will be possible to use only the contact form, information general, and very few other specific contact forms. The link with all our contacts, divided into various categories and sub-categories, is and will always be this:


Starting with the type of user, of official member, there is a single telephone number, at which it is possible to contact each working group and our administrators, according to one's needs. Also via SMS, or with WhatsApp. If you are not part of this type of user, do not use this dedicated service.

International phone.

Our official representatives can directly contact our administrators of the various countries, with the obligation to always contact our administrator in the country in which you reside, for at least 6 months a year, or for the longer period of the year (if it is less than 6 months). In special cases, in the event that there are language problems, it is possible to contact one of our administrators, from a country whose language is known, with the prayer, not to contact, only our representatives who speak English, and never do it randomly, only use phone numbers, in countries, where you have the right to vote. It also works via SMS, or with WhatsApp. If you are not part of this type of user, do not use this dedicated service.

We don't give out our international phone number, except to our admins, and super admins.

DirectDemocracyS, and all related projects, thanks to recent appointments, is represented on social networks, and on other websites, by some of our users, specially created, by some official pages, and official presentation groups. We are present on various platforms, but usually, we have a more active presence, and more updated news, on Facebook, than Meta.

Our presence on social networks, and other websites, is governed by internal rules, and by the regulations of the various sites on which we find ourselves. As guests, we will respect every rule of the managers of the platforms we are on.

We remind you, that the various personal profiles, pages, and groups, present only the news, based on our internal rules, and do not deal, representing DirectDemocracyS, and related projects, with doing politics, business, providing support, offering information, and instructions, or other business on our behalf.

The only official profile, which can provide details on all our activities, is present at this link:

but can only offer general information, without too many details, and without answering questions, the answers of which are already published on our official website. The same profile, like all our connected profiles, does not accept friend requests, except in special cases, therefore we invite you to contact him, without adding him, to your contacts, with a message, via the Facebook Messenger application, owned by Meta . Of course, we read all messages received, but we don't necessarily respond. If our representatives politely offer you some more information, they do it to help you, but always check our website for any updated rules and instructions.

Always our official profile, he is authorized to contact people, on our behalf, to offer advantages and facilities, based on our rules.

You can also delegate other of our official representatives, who can offer the same services, in the event that the number of contacts received, or to be made, is greater than your response and management capabilities.

How contact works from our side.

Each of our contacts, friends or acquaintances on the various social networks can be contacted by one of our official representatives to receive an official invitation to inquire about us, and if they wish, after being informed, they can join us, according to our regulation.

In certain cases, we could decide to offer advantages and facilities to some personalities. Persons will be chosen, in various periods, on the basis of a judgment, and an assessment of compatibility (established by our official representatives, and under their direct responsibility). The evaluation will be based on one's posts on social networks, one's own behaviour, and the comments made or received.

The first question.

The first question of our direct contacts is: do you want to change and improve the world?

If the question is answered with yes, or with I want to, our representatives will make you an official proposal, an invitation to join us, detailed, with all the security measures, and all the mutual benefits. If the answer is: no, or I don't want it, or I don't care, or any offense whatsoever, we will never contact you again. If you need more time to inform yourself, and then you want to respond, you risk not receiving any more benefits, or facilitation. If you don't respond, in normal times, we will never contact you again. After all, the question is not that difficult.

Caution. In the event that the answer, to our initial contact, by those who receive our message is affirmative, the previous contact methods remain valid, and the obligation to read all our public information, before continuing the various phases, of our invitations. Our official representatives have no obligations, so they present the invitation to you, in the manner and on time, according to our rules. If you do not receive them, even if you are important personalities, do not be offended, but contact our Special Security Groups directly, via the contact form on our website. At this link:

If you don't want to use the invitation method, you can use it during the periods in which "traditional" registrations are active, even if the times for the various activations, and for identity verification, are longer. Since we are at the beginning, there are advantages, and facilitations, even using the "normal" registration method, therefore without an invitation. There will unfortunately be times when all registrations will be by invitation only. In any case, please be patient, and understand that it is not easy, our job, to make our mechanism work.

For contacts, for our invitations, use only this form, at this link:

To send us forms, documents, to verify your identity, only use the contact form, at this link:

In the hope that we have clarified all the various ways to contact us, please respect our rules and our instructions, using all the potential and all the information we put at your disposal in the right way.

Compared to other political projects, we are open to constructive dialogue, and we don't make ourselves untraceable.

We try to answer everyone politely, precisely, in detail, and as quickly as possible, according to our possibilities.

Caution. To avoid scams, waste of time, and to check if those who contact you on our behalf are authorized to do so, please send us the details to recognize the people who contact you (also with security codes, which we will send you ), and to use our contact form, of our Special Security Group, which you find at this link:

always wait for their reply via e-mail before continuing discussions with people who contact you on our behalf. This way, you will be sure that everything is in order. Thank you.

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