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    Who copies us?

    A stupid person can never have good ideas, and an ignorant person can never create anything useful.

    To create and implement DirectDemocracyS, a single person could not suffice, not even the first 5, not even the first 282, who have created a large part of our project, and have implemented almost all of our ideas, our rules, and our work method.

    DirectDemocracyS is the first, the only one that does all its activities to change and improve the world.

    We are proud of our work, along with all those who join us.

    We often say it, and we confirm it every day, we are inimitable. There is no person, or group of people, who will ever be able to copy our political organization.

    We have often talked about security measures, of all kinds, to protect our ideas, and our users.

    We have given you a great deal of information on how we intend to always remain the only innovators of politics, at all levels. Always remaining alternatives, to everything that has ever been, and that is around.

    From the international level to our territorial activities, our political strength is owned by each of our official members.

    We have no leadership, we are all together, one huge leader.

    DirectDemocracyS, and all of its members, are all united, and indivisible, forever.

    Today we will talk in detail about security measures, and about people, and groups, who try, and will try to copy our ideas, our rules, and our methods.

    Let's say right away, that no one would copy a bad thing. So, in a sense, the fact that many try to copy us, to varying degrees, and in various ways, is a confirmation of our uniqueness, and of the value of what we are doing.

    But it is also true that to conceive and put our activities into practice, it took a great deal of work and a lot of time on the part of many people who, individually or in groups, have struggled to achieve all our projects.

    Stealing other people's ideas, and even trying to profit from them, is always wrong.

    But let's make a necessary premise. Democracy belongs to everyone, and the same thing also applies to the authentic form of democracy, the direct one. It's certainly not us, the owners, the groups, or the people who have the exclusive right to these words. The thing instead that we possess, and that is, and will always be, of anyone who joins us, as an official member (from the moment of appointment, until he remains with us, with this role), is our political project, our ideas, our rules, our methodology, our style, our "selective" and perfect political ideology, our logos, our names, and everything we have thought, chosen, discussed, decided, and voted for, from start of all our activities. All this very long and hard work of many people will be defended and protected by us with all possible means.

    All the things we do, for the first time in the world, or all our activities, have been conceived, proposed, discussed, selected, tested, voted on, decided on, registered in the name of our joint-stock company, and made public, to let everyone understand that we are the first, and only in the world, to work in this way.

    From the first moment in which we began to think about certain things concerning our "creation", we had to find a way to protect its property. The best and fairest way was to put everything in the name of all our official members, up to date with the payment of the annual fee. In this way, anyone who contributes to our existence (with their work, and with the annual fee), is sure to legally hold, for the entire duration of their activity with us, the Legal, and authorized, right to use of our ideas, including through real ownership, of all our activities, of our unique website, and of our entire political organization. We didn't, just to make sure we were the only ones with the right to use our ideas, and not even just to make money. We did it to prevent anyone from distorting our work, making "similar" projects, even partially stealing our creativity. Obviously, the right of use ends if a person gives up ownership, or if this is definitively excluded from our political organization, but also simply by losing the status of official member. If a person breaks our rules, doesn't respect our working method, doesn't work with us, doesn't behave impeccably, or doesn't pay the annual fee, he loses forever any right to use our ideas. The same thing also applies to those who will try to divide the unity of DirectDemocracyS, which is our strength. Anyone who steals our idea, even partially, does not steal it from just one of us, but from all of us, and will have to compensate each of our members, in equal parts, decided by all our members.

    Anyone who tries to steal our project will not only be ethically wrong, but will be liable for copyright infringement, and through our individual actions, will also be liable for unfair competition.

    We know very well how much all normal people hate thieves of ideas, preferring everyone the original to the counterfeit copy.

    We also know that voters, and the population, will never vote, and will never join, people or groups whose primary business is to steal other people's ideas. Not having their own ideas, they steal those of others, therefore, they could in the future do the same with the identities of those who join them, or with the money that some unwary could send them.

    This project of ours is our property, based on the individual, non-cumulative, and non-transferable shares that each of our official members possesses, from the moment of appointment, until he holds this type of user.

    But let's see who copies us, it's because they copy us, and we expect them to try to do it, even in the future.

    The first who copy us are small groups of "politicians" who have never had great successes in life. Having failed to be decisive, with the old policy, perhaps having been sent away, or excluded from the "hierarchies" of command, they hope to have better luck by copying the ideas of others. They will, because they are failures, and they want a chance, to get noticed. They are dangerous, for various reasons. First, because politics shouldn't be engaged in, as revenge, for the "wrongs" suffered, or to take revenge. The first 5 who had the first ideas, and made the first rules, and our methodology, had never done politics, and the same thing also applies to the 277 who were added to create a political organization, politically, and ethically perfect. Therefore, we were born to change and improve the world, not for personal ambitions.

    The seconds that will copy us will be some political forces, of the old politics, always helped, controlled, and managed by the economy and finance. They will do it because they will be envious of our growth, and with the certainty that we will win every election, with very high percentages. Many people are annoyed by our presumption of being perfect, and the certainty that we have of winning every election, starting with our first participation, and forever. Our predictions are based on the enormous potential we have, and on the fact that all people are tired of being fooled by old politics. Furthermore, in many countries, very many people no longer vote, because they do not feel represented by any political force, and by any political representative, of the old politics. DirectDemocracyS, is an alternative, and an innovation, credible, and that fulfills every promise. We rely on facts, and not on hopes. Those who deny all of this do so because they believe that people are stupid and can be manipulated. If the population, the voters, are offered a new and better way to go all together, in which roles are reversed, at 360°, this population will be able to choose intelligently. A new politics, in which it is not the old politics that decides, and the population that puts into practice the often-wrong choices of those who steal, with false democracy, the power of the people. In DirectDemocracyS, the people decide, and politics puts into practice the decisions of those who have given political representatives the honor, power and responsibility to represent them in institutions. There are many reasons that make us optimistic, and above all realistic.

    Now let's see the method by which they will try to convince many people.

    They will tell you that they are better than us, in many respects, but read carefully all our proposals, and then, if you don't like them, read theirs carefully.

    They will lie to you, in all possible ways, and will make you many promises, which will never be kept.

    They will tell you that you register quickly with them, and start working right away. It will certainly be true, but speed does not always guarantee better performance, just think of sex. We too, in the year 2021, had allowed quick and simplified registrations for a short time. They have signed up, dealers in erectile pills, scammers who invite you to disclose personal data, or people in need of financial help, who tell you they love you. Since politics is a serious matter for us, we only accept people who are willing to work with us to change and improve the world, and we verify the identity of each person who joins us. We prevent anyone from carrying out activities to defraud or annoy our users. So, if you like being teased, or if you like being contacted by people whose purpose is to scam you, feel free to join those who register, simple, and fast.

    They will tell you that they do not verify the identities of their users. In this way, your privacy will be protected? Absolutely not. DirectDemocracyS does not allow anyone to work with us, if his identity has not been verified by our administrators. In this way, anyone who performs prohibited activities, or anyone who does not behave normally, can first be blocked, and subsequently excluded. If you try to register again and create a new personal profile after being blocked or excluded, our computer system will not allow it. DirectDemocracyS, allows anyone to remain completely anonymous, and does not reveal to anyone, ever, and for any reason, the personal data of our users. In order to vote in the elections, the first thing you need to do, is allow your identity to be verified, and DirectDemocracyS does exactly the same thing, to keep our website, our political organization, and all our activities, clean, tidy, and safe. Knowing the identity, and working only and exclusively on our website, our system will verify and evaluate every single activity carried out by each of our users, punishing every infraction, and rewarding every useful activity. An information system, without any preferences, and without any favoritism, with a minimal human component, limited to control, that everything takes place in a manner that respects all our rules. The identity of each user will allow us to evaluate the responsibility of each person who joins us for each behavior.

    They will tell you that they are free. The only credible, truly free political project is DirectDemocracyS, because all our users can control and manage everything. Because no one will be blocked, or expelled, for what they think. Every person is free to express themselves in the right ways, times and places. Every theory, even the most bizarre, every idea, every project, of anyone who joins us, is carefully evaluated, and respected by all. Their apparent freedom will certainly be able to conquer some people, but true freedom exists only with us.

    They will tell you from them everything is free. They will tell you that with us, to have more "power", more important roles, and greater responsibilities, you have to pay an annual fee, and be an official member. They are absolutely right, those who are official members, with us, only those who are in good standing, with the payment of the annual fee, can be candidates, in our closed online primary elections. But in all political forces, it is exactly the same thing. Those who make politics with us, to run as candidates, must be our member. If, on the other hand, he wants to do politics alone, without our help, without collaborating with us, and without having our important services, he can do so by leaving our political organization and running as an independent candidate. Anyone who enters DirectDemocracyS, and then exits, for unjustified reasons, cannot return as an official member, but only, in certain cases, as a registered user. With the exception of candidacy, as a political representative, which is only allowed to our official members, there are not many differences between a verified user and an official member. Voting in elections, closed online primaries, is exactly the same. The official member has advantages and facilities for the simple reason that he contributes, with his annual fee, to the free and independent functioning of our entire political organization.

    They will tell you that they are revolutionaries. Some visitors consider us not very revolutionary, for the simple reason that we do not create any kind of social hatred. We are for the unity of people, with respect for diversity, and we are not in favor of divisions. We don't make politics against something, or against someone. This reason, together with the fact that we prefer to use the intelligence, logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people, instead of demonstrations, violence, and destruction. DirectDemocracyS, however, obtains excellent results, thanks to the rules, the method, and the unique and unmistakable style. We change and profoundly improve the world through innovative and alternative politics. We are more incisive, efficient, and faster, in obtaining a change, and an improvement in the mentality of all people, and in society's changes. Revolutions, struggles with deaths, injuries and destruction, divisions and social hatred, we willingly leave out of all our activities.

    They will tell you that they are righteous, and correct. Already starting their activities, stealing other people's ideas, is not synonymous with justice and fairness. They won't even be able to understand all our rules, and our methodology, therefore, they will never be able to put them into practice. They will never have our unique and inimitable style, and they will not have our official members and users.

    They will promise you anything, advantages, and facilitations, which will reveal themselves over time as real scams, pity for your lost time, and for the money you will inevitably lose by joining them.

    They will pay you to join them. Seeing our successes, and our electoral victories, they will come to bribe you, they will even pay you large sums, in order not to lose power. Our advice, in these cases, is to take the money and come to us. Of course, we joke, don't take anything, and don't believe their lies. Pay close attention, because you should know that if the old policy gives you 10, it means that it has taken you away, or will take you away, at least 20. They always do it, with bonuses, electoral "tips", or electoral promises, almost never maintained. Unfortunately, there are people who believe everything.

    They will use any means, to discredit us, and to make you believe their theories. We advise you to be very careful. Study our project carefully, reading even a couple of times, with an open mind, each of our articles, and each of our information. If you find something that is better, fairer, and more complete, choose the one you prefer.

    Have already tried to buy, DirectDemocracyS. With even important offers, which show us that we are the best. We've always said it, we're not for sale, and we're all incorruptible. Who guarantees it? Each of our users, because the first to control us, are ourselves. You cannot buy, or control, a political organization like ours. Only our members can decide, but one of our rules provides that our individual actions are non-transferable and not cumulative. So, we will forever be the exclusive property of all our official members.

    We have already been offered alliances and collaborations with various political forces and with various political figures. Obviously, we refused, and you know it very well, that we are not interested in collaborating, making political alliances, electoral agreements, coalitions, or governing or opposing, together with other political forces. For the reason that we have within us, people from all political forces, therefore we have within us, all kinds of ideologies. Those who join us, renounce their ideologies, bringing their own right ideas with them, eliminating any negative part. It sounds difficult and complicated, but it's super simple. So, we don't need agreements, and collaborations, with anyone.

    We don't want as candidates, people who have been part of the old politics, and we don't even want in the management of our political organization, those who have managed political forces, of the old politics. It would be really squalid, to want to be innovative and alternative, and to nominate political figures of the old politics, or to have DirectDemocracyS managed by those who have managed political forces, often corrupt, and controlled by economic and financial powers. Obviously, we don't consider them all criminals, there have been political representatives, and political forces, who in certain periods have also done a good job. To generalize is always wrong. But presenting yourself as innovative, with the same people, would be wrong.

    Total renewal, and rejuvenation, of our political class. While appreciating the experience, and the always useful work, of older people, DirectDemocracyS will not nominate people over 60 years old. With very few exceptions, decided, and voted on, on the basis of serious and real reasons, by the Group of Exceptions, the Group of Equality and Meritocracy, and the Group of Logic, Common Sense and Mutual Respect, composed of representatives, from all the countries of the world, and of all the peoples of the earth.

    We publicly distrust anyone to steal our ideas, or to copy, even partially, our project. We will defend our rights, by all possible means.

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